Academic Programs

The curricula were designed with an emphasis on cultivating professionals in digital intelligence, business decision-making, and service innovation, integrating information technology and management intelligence to meet the research and industry application needs for AI, big data, and e-commerce. Thus, this department will become a talent pool for professionals in enterprise information management. We offer two bachelor programs and one graduate program; students can complete their bachelor and graduate degrees in 5 years.

Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program is designed to develop information professionals with knowledge and skills in both management and information technology. Courses can be divided into two parts—foundation courses and core courses. Teamwork is employed in most courses to develop problem-solving capabilities and to enhance communication skills. Students are required to take a IS project course and team up with 5-6 classmates to develop information system. Through the IS project, students demonstrate their teamwork, creativity, and hands-on programming capabilities, and often become award-winning teams in the national IS project contests.

Speaking in brief, the instructional goals for undergraduate students are:

  • Develop holistic education
  • Cultivate professional expertise
  • Promote value-added innovation

Graduate Program

The Master (MBA) program consists of data mining and business decision track and the Big-data and AI application track. It focuses on enhancing the skills of students’ system development and knowledge integration. Students can select one of the two tracks in their own interests, and complete their master thesis accordingly.

Speaking in brief, the instructional goals for graduate students are:

  • Develop creativity and innovation thinking
  • Cultivate problem-solving capabilities
  • Develop and apply information technology
  • Cultivate professional expertise