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Title Name Education and Research Interests
Professor Chen-Tung Chen

Phone +886-37-381515   E-mail ctchen@nuu.edu.tw

Bachelor’s degree: B.S. degree, Department of Industrial Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan (1983–1987)

Master’s degree: M.S. degree, Department of Industrial Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan (1987–1989)

Doctorate: Doctoral degree, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan (1992–1995)

Expertise: fuzzy set theory and its application, multiple criteria decision-making, decision support systems, project management, knowledge management, data mining, e-business, and supply chain management systems.


Li-Ching Ma

Phone  +886-37-381510   E-mail lcma@nuu.edu.tw

Li-Ching Ma received her PhD degree in Information Management from National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. Her research interests include decision-making, data mining, optimization, visualization and interactive digital contents. Professor Ma’s research fields involve three main directions: (1) decision methods and applications: using mathematical programming to construct optimization models while providing visual aids to assist decision-making; (2) data mining and applications: extracting information from large quantities of data and combining it with artificial intelligence; (3) application of innovative information services: integrating 3D, multimedia, sensor, VR, and AR technologies to develop innovative services and applications.

Associate Professor

Chih-Cheng Lee

Phone : +886-37-381506      E-mail cclee@nuu.edu.tw

Chih-Cheng Lee received his doctoral degree from the Department of Management Science, National Chiao Tung University, and is currently employed in the Department of Information Management, National United University. In curriculum teaching, Lee mainly teaches technologized service innovation, statistics, management mathematics, database system management, introduction to e-commerce, and marketing management. His main research interests are information management, e-commerce, mobile commerce and social networks, and website service quality.

Associate Professor Ming-Gang Wen



Phone : +886-37-381514      E-mail mgwen@nuu.edu.tw

Academic background: Doctorate of Information Processing, National Central University

Expertise: Pattern recognition, image processing, and AI

Administrative experience. 

Department head: 2003–2005, 2018–2020

Information center head: 2008–¬2010

Library head: 1995–1996

Service experience:

l   Chairman, National United University Teachers’ Association, 2015¬–2017

l   Director, National United University Teachers’ Association, 2013–2017 and 2019–2021

l   Supervisor, National United University Teachers’ Association, 2017–2019

l   E-Tutor Program (Remote Tutoring for Rural Areas), 2008–present

l   Teaching experience:

l   Full-time teacher, Department of Information Management, 1993–present

l   Part-time teacher, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, 2005–2007

l   Part-time teacher, National Chiao Tung University, 2016–2016

l   Two-time recipient of the Award for Outstanding Teaching, National United University Award for Outstanding University-Level Teachers

l   Two-time recipient of the Award for Excellent Teaching, National United University Award for Excellent College-Level Teachers

Associate Professor  

Chen-Fen Huang

Phone  +886-37-381519          E-mail cfhuang@nuu.edu.tw

Chen-Fen Huang graduated from National Sun Yat-sen University’s Information Management doctoral class with a major in information management and a minor in organizational behaviors. Her research fields are mainly in the organization of information departments and career management of information employees, creativity in information employees, information ethics, and information privacy. Huang is qualified with an international certification in enterprise resource planning and is responsible for training students in this department to become enterprise resource planners.
    Ph.D., Information Management, National Sun-Yat-sen University, Taiwan
Research Interests
    Information Personnel Management, Electronic Commerce, SNS, etc.
Teaching Courses
    ERP, Software Project Management, DSS, Management, etc.
  Associate Professor ,Information Management, Chung-Hua University
  Associate Professor ,Information Management, Southern Taiwan University of Technology

Associate Professor Chao-Hsu Chang


Phone: +886-37-381520       E-mail cschang@nuu.edu.tw

Professor Chang graduated with a doctoral degree from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Central University. Currently, he is an associate professor of the Department of Information Management of National United University. His research fields and interests are the Internet of Things, mobile medical care, wireless networks, mobile communication systems, heterogeneous network integration, system development and integration, and database management systems. Professor Chang is also certified as a professional seed teacher for the Cisco Networking Academy and is simultaneously responsible for this department’s international network certification training courses.

Associate Professor

Tzong-Ke Young


Phone: +886-37-381517       E-mail ckyoung@nuu.edu.tw

Tzong-Ke Young received his doctoral degree from the Department of Management Science of National Chiao Tung University and is currently an associate professor in the Department of Information Management of National United University. The courses he teaches are economics, consumer behaviors, Internet advertising, customer relationship management, knowledge management, and software project management for undergraduates; he also teaches digital marketing and multivariate analysis at graduate level. His research interests are centered around digital marketing, and his research fields include Internet consumer behaviors, Internet advertising benefit analyses, and online community marketing.

Associate Professor Shi-Jay Chen

Phone: +886-37-381511     E-mail  sjchen@nuu.edu.tw

Shi-Jay Chen received his Ph.D from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and he is currently employed in the Department of Information Management of National United University. His main research interests are fuzzy theory, machine learning, deep learning, information retrieval, data exploration, bioinformatics, big data analysis, and Kansei analysis. These research topics also involve leading graduate students in their research. Ongoing research topics for undergraduate students include interactive technologies, data exploration, AR/VR, holographic projections and interactions, chatbot applications, and app development and applications. In curriculum teaching, Chen mainly teaches database system management, machine learning, deep learning, operating systems, and data exploration.

Assistant professor PO-Chi Chen

 Phone  +886-37-381516     E-mail pcchen@nuu.edu.tw

Po-Chi Chen received his graduate and doctoral degrees in Information Engineering from National Chiao Tung University after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Systems from National Tsing Hua University. He teaches courses related to programming, such as program design, database programming, website programming, and multimedia programming. Furthermore, Chen has paid attention to AI, machine learning, data exploration, and Kansei analysis, with special interest in semantic networks, deep learning, and emotional intelligence.

Assistant professor Pin-Rui Hwang

Phone  +886-37-381509     E-mail ychwang@nuu.edu.tw
Professional fields: 1. Information service innovation: service innovation, design thinking, social networks, and blockchain applications. 2 Industry service innovation: big data Internet marketing, information management, and sustainable information services in enterprises. 3.Service innovation in health intelligence: wearable devices, mobile service design, and IoT service design.

Teaching research and student performances: Hwang has received the Ministry of Education’s Teaching Practice Research Program for 2 consecutive years. Furthermore, his students have earned the Ministry of Science and Technology’s College Student Research Creativity Award twice consecutively as well as received MOST research grants for university students.In addition, Hwang has placed second in the International ICT Innovative Services Awards and received an award for his dissertation on Science and Technology Management in a seminar on service sciences. Hwang has also led student groups to participate in national competitions, such as local creativity hackathons, service experience and creativity competitions, and competitions for creative marketing in local industries.

Assistant professor

 Yu-Tso Chen

Phone : +886-37-381513      E-mail yutso.chen@nuu.edu.tw

Yu-Tso Chen received his doctoral degree from the Institute of Information Management, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, in 2004 and his M.S.degree from the Department of Information Management, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan in 1998. He was a researcher at the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan from 2004 to 2009. He is now an Assistant Professor with the Department of Information Management of National United University, Taiwan. His research interests include information system analysis and design, project management for information system, the Internet of Things, information security, ICT-enabled service innovation, data analytics, as well as industrial technology foresight and strategy management.

Assistant professor Kuang-Ting Cheng

Phone  +886-37-381512      E-mail TCheng@nuu.edu.tw

Kuang-Ting Cheng is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Management Information Systems, National United University, Taiwan. He received his doctorate. degree from National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan. His research interests include system satisfaction and knowledge management. His research has been published in academic journals such as Decision Sciences, the Information Systems Journal, and the International Journal of Project Management. He has also presented his papers at several prestigious international conferences, including ICIS, AMCIS, PACIS, WDSI, and SAIS. His current research interests include project management, transactive memory theory, electronic commerce, and the management of information systems.

Lecturer Chih-Hsin Chang


Phone  +886-37-381815      E-mail jhchang@nuu.edu.tw

Chih-Hsin Chang received his Master’s degree from  from Institute of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Chung Cheng University. His major research interests include decision analysis and management, multimedia technologies and applications, complex systems simulations, and managerial flexibility. Chang teaches courses such as Introduction to Multimedia, Digital Image processing, Operations Research, Decision Methods and Analysis, Marketing Management, and Digital Content Case Discussions. Furthermore, he has expressed great interest in deep learning and agent systems simulations.